Open Letter

The following letter was composed by a grass-roots ad hoc Welcome Committee in 1998: Titus Bender, Ft. Defiance, Virginia; Douglas Brunk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Lois Kenagy, Albany, Oregon ([email protected]); Ruth Conrad Liechty, Goshen, Indiana ([email protected]) ; and John Stoner, Akron, Pennsylvania ([email protected]).

The committee sought counsel from a variety of folks including the 26 who became the “original signers.” Honoring requests, the committee delayed further work with the letter until after St. Louis 99. In November 1999, original signers were asked to share the letter with their home congregations. Since then the letter has been shared by friends who chose to pass it on. It also became available on Douglas’ web site. Persons listed are members of a Mennonite congregation (MC or GC). We now commend the letter to you and ask that you consider it prayerfully seeking the Spirit’s guidance as you reflect.

We encourage you to dialogue with others in your congregation and circle of friends about your response to this letter. However, you are also welcome to respond by e-mail to committee members as listed, or to the mailing address: Welcome Committee, 1922 Cheryl Street, Goshen, Indiana 46526.

We, the undersigned, address this letter to persons in the Anabaptist-Mennonite family of churches, and to all others who are interested. It is about God’s purpose of redemption, and how people, especially those identified with the church, may bear witness to how we see God acting in the world.

We hear the cry of pain of those daughters and sons of our churches who are lesbian or gay. We confess that for too long we have been silent. We believe we can no longer be silent and remain true to what we hear as God’s message to us.

Our purpose is redemptive. We recognize that many who disagree with us are seeking to take their faith seriously when they maintain that lesbian and gay people are immoral or sick. We know lesbian and gay people of faith who are deeply moral and in good mental health. For us, to take our faith seriously is to tremble when we observe the exclusion by the church of our lesbian and gay sisters and brothers. This reminds us of the church’s exclusion of other minority groups in recent history. Such actions seem to us to fall short of the all-encompassing love to which Christ calls his followers.

We are a historic peace church trying to find our way amidst the swirl of emotions and accusations in the larger society. We believe God is calling all of our congregations to a thorough study of “homosexuality” and related issues of church discipline, reconciliation, and nonviolence. If in this process we disparage the faith and integrity of our lesbian and gay sisters and brothers, can we expect to have an authentic peace witness in other areas of life?

We do not deny that those who disagree with us have experienced the love of God in Jesus. However, we too have experienced this love, and believe that we need to engage in a study process that includes dialogue with, not about, our lesbian and gay sisters and brothers. We also believe that the evidence, illuminated by the Spirit, will lead us to become a church that welcomes people of all races, genders, and orientations as we pursue the vision of redemption. Thus we feel that failure to share our journeys and the following convictions with you would indicate that we cannot trust you to see us as we are.

  1. We believe that affectional orientation is determined very early in an individual’s life by a complex mix of biological and environmental factors that are beyond his or her control. Since God has made and continues to make a significant minority of persons whose primary attraction is to persons of the same gender, we believe it is wrong to require anyone to undergo a miraculous change of sexual orientation before being deemed fit to belong to the community of believers. We believe that sexual orientation is natural and morally neutral, and that to describe it as sin contradicts not only science but central scriptural truths of morality, justice, and compassion as taught by Jesus.
  2. We believe the church should bless monogamous relationships of same-sex couples and affirm covenant vows between persons who pledge mutual lifelong fidelity and support to one another. We consider such unions loving expressions of the natural gifts of sexuality bestowed upon persons by the Creator (hence in accord with nature), and that persons living in such unions should be included fully in the life of the church. We believe that pre-covenant counseling should be offered to same-sex couples just as pre-marital counseling is offered to opposite-sex couples. We believe that following their exchange of covenant vows they should receive the same kinds of sustaining support to assist them in maintaining those vows.

Along with others in the church, we do take seriously those biblical texts that some interpret as precluding covenanted same-gender relationships. After careful study, however, we have concluded that these texts do not address “homosexuality” as we understand it today. We respect those who have in good faith reached different conclusions and trust that they can in turn respect the integrity with which we have journeyed to reach our belief .

We see the “homosexuality question” in the context of wider issues of power, patriarchy, nonviolence and exclusion/inclusion in the church. We invite the church to consider whether exclusion of “homosexuals” is nonconformity to the world or actually conformity to those principalities and powers that so often tempt us to exclude those who differ from whatever the “mainstream” of the moment may be.

We invite the Anabaptist family of churches, starting with local congregations, to pray, study, and discern what the Spirit is saying to the churches about society’s excluded minority of persons who are attracted to others of the same sex.

Original signers:

Anita Bohn, Newton, Kansas
Stanley Bohn, Newton, Kansas
Ina Ruth Breckbill, Goshen, Indiana
Willis Breckbill, Goshen, Indiana
C. J. Dyck, Goshen, Indiana
Wilma Dyck, Goshen, Indiana
Margaret Jantzi Foth, Harrisonburg Virginia
J. Winfield Fretz, North Newton, Kansas
Doris Gascho, Waterloo, Ontario
Rachel Waltner Goossen, Topeka, Kansas
Thelma Miller Groff, Goshen, Indiana
Weyburn Groff, Goshen, Indiana
Bertha Fast Harder, North Newton, Kansas
Leland Harder, North Newton, Kansas
Ethel Yake Metzler, Goshen, Indiana
John D. Rempel, New York, New York
Jeptha R. Hostetler, Columbus, Ohio
Joyce Metzler Hostetler, Columbus, Ohio
Carl S. Keener, State College, Pennsylvania
Vernon K. Rempel, Englewood, Colorado
Elaine Sommers Rich, Bluffton, Ohio
Hubert Schwartzentruber, Telford, Pennsylvania
Beatrice (Betty) Shenk, Goshen, Indiana
Jacob (J.B.) Shenk, Goshen, Indiana
Donald Steelberg, Wichita, Kansas
Elsie Steelberg, Wichita, Kansas

Ad-hoc WELCOME Committee:

Titus Bender, Fort Defiance, Virginia
Douglas Brunk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lois Kenagy, Albany, Oregon
Ruth Conrad Liechty, Goshen, Indiana
John K. Stoner, Akron, Pennsylvania

NOTE: The Welcome Committee intends to publish a book with chapters by various Anabaptist writers on the church’s response to same-gender attracted people. Among books currently available we recommend the following:

Homosexuality in the Church: Both Sides of the Debate ed. by Jeffrey S. Siker, 1994, Westminster/ John Knox Press.

Pastor, I Am Gay by Howard Bess, 1995, Palmer Publishing Co PO Box 3938, Palmer AK 99645.

From Wounded Hearts: Faith Stories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered People and Those Who Love Them, ed. by Roberta Showalter Kreider, 1998, Chi Rho Press.

Additional Signers:

Douglas Alderfer, Philadelphia, PA
Karen Mast Alderfer, Washington Boro, PA
Steven D. Alderfer, Washington Boro, PA
Beatrix Amstutz, Lenexa, Kansas
Rod Amstutz, Lenexa, Kansas
Maria Bender Archer, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Dennis Arendt, Eugene, Oregon
Cora Askren, Goshen, Indiana
Jan Atwood, Elkhart, Indiana
Gary J. Bahman, Tucson, Arizona
Jane Baker, Oak Park, Illinois
Merle D. Baker, Oak Park, Illinois
Brice H. Balmer, Kitchener, Ontario
Annette Bartel, Auburn Kansas
John Bartel, Topeka, Kansas
Verlin Paul Bartel, Kansas City, Kansas
Evelyn Bartsch, State College, Pennsylvania
Karl Bartsch, State College, Pennsylvania
Ted Bauman, Rawson, Ohio
Beverly Baumgartner, Elkhart, Indiana
Libby Baumgartner, Goshen, Indiana
Ken Beam, Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Allan Beatty, Ames, Iowa
Jonathan Beachy, Wichita, Kansas
Kent E. Beck, Goshen, Indiana
Donna Becker, Newton, Kansas
Esther H. Becker, Gordonville, Pennsylvania
Clarke T. Bell, New York City, New York
Ann Bender, Ft. Defiance, Virginia
Lourene G. Bender, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Nevin Bender, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Janelle Myers Benner, Harrisonburg Virginia
Jason Myers Benner, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Phil Berg-Rempel, Salem, Oregon
Hilary Bertsche, Flanagan, Illinois
John Alan Bertsche, Flanagan, Illinois
Patricia A. Bertsche, Flanagan, Illinois
Robert Birkey, Goshen, Indiana
Delores Blough, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Joe Blowers, Portland, Oregon
LaVonne Blowers, Portland, Oregon
Gail R. Blum, Hillsdale, Michigan
Peter C. Blum, Hillsdale, Michigan
Rachel Boehs, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Chris Bohlander, Chicago, Illinois
Ella M. Bohrer, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Stephan Bontrager, Goshen, Indiana
Jeff Borg, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Naomi Borntrager, Goshen, Indiana
Anna Bowman, Goshen, Indiana
Janna Bowman, Bally Pennsylvania
Laura L. Brenneman, Elkhart, Indiana
Ruth Brenneman, Goshen, Indiana
Ingrid N. Brown, Newton, Kansas
Rebecca Brubacher, Millersburg, Ohio
Robert Brubacher, Millersburg, Ohio
Erik Brubaker, Berkeley, California
Kaye L. Brubaker, Washington, D.C.
Nancy Brubaker, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Albert Buckwalter, Goshen, Indiana
Lois Litwiller Buckwalter, Goshen, Indiana
Connie Burden, Eugene, Oregon
Ruby Y. Campos, Oak Park, Illinois
Phyllis Carlson, Overland Park, Kansas
Robert J. Carlson, Overland Park, Kansas
Eliza M. Carney, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Peter Carney, Elkhart, Indiana
Katie Chappell-Lakin, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Sylvia Shirk Charles, Goshen, Indiana
Kevin Cheveny, Auburn, Kansas
LaVonda Claassen, Newton, Kansas
Milton Claassen, Newton, Kansas
Jean Clark, Riverside, Illinois
Juanne Nancarrow Clarke, Kitchener, Ontario
Greg Clemens, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Mary Lou Clemens, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Marcia H. Clinger, Eugene, Oregon
Erin Clymer, Goshen, Indiana
Janessa Cobb, Washington, D.C.
Charlene Conrad, Harrisonburg, Virginia
David P. Conrad, Washington, D.C.
Sandra Conrad, Hillsboro, Kansas
Stephen Conrad, Hillsboro, Kansas
Kristen K. Conwell, Portland, Oregon
William Y. Conwell, Portland, Oregon
Arleen Cook, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Bradley Lynn Cullen, Goshen, Indiana
Ren Culp-Ressler, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Wendell Culp-Ressler, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Mary Lou Cummings, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Lorie Danzenbaker, Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania
Richard S. Davis, Dallas, Texas
David Deal, Washington, D.C.
Jonathan C. Sieber Denlinger, Lawrence, Kansas
Rebecca Sieber Denlinger, Lawrence, Kansas
Sarah Deumling, Rickreall, Oregon
Henry Dizney, Eugene, Oregon
Carol Drudge, Komoka, Ontario
Ken Drudge, Komoka, Ontario
Kent Dutchersmith, Elkhart, Indiana
Elizabeth R. Dyrst, Chicago, Illinois
Martin Dyrst, Chicago, Illinois
Myron L. Ebersole, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Lawrence Eby, Albany, Oregon
Mary Jane Eby, Albany, Oregon
Byron Ediger, Newton, Kansas
Carl Edwards, Lawrence, Kansas
Glen Ediger, North Newton, Kansas
Janet Ediger, Newton, Kansas
Karen Ediger, North Newton, Kansas
Andrew W. Elliott ND, Eugene, Oregon
Arlen W. Epp, Elkhart, Indiana
Carol J. Epp, Elkhart, Indiana
Charles Epp, Lawrence, Kansas
Laura Eshleman, Goshen, Indiana
Joel Ewy, Elkhart, Indiana
Lester Ewy, Newton, Kansas
Winifred Ewy, Newton, Kansas
Becky Fast, Lawrence, Kansas
Peter Fast, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rebecca Fast, London, Ontario
Victor Fast, London, Ontario
Becky Beachy Felton, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Kent D. Fisher, Columbus, Ohio
Nancy Fisher, Keezletown, Virginia
Lois Flickinger, Lititz, Pennsylvania
J. Lamar Freed, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LaDeen Frey, North Newton, Kansas
Mark Frey, North Newton, Kansas
Rodney Frey, North Newton, Kansas
Sandy Fribley, Goshen, Indiana
Duane K. Friesen, North Newton, Kansas
Elizabeth Friesen, North Newton, Kansas
Jacob T. Friesen, North Newton, Kansas
Julia Friesen, Berwyn, Illinois
Larry D. Friesen, North Newton, Kansas
Walter S. Friesen, Newton, Kansas
Clarissa Gaff, Goshen, Indiana
Merritt Gardner, Goshen, Indiana
Ruth Ann Gardner, Goshen, Indiana
Mary K. Gascho, Kitchener, Ontario
Roy A. Gascho, Kitchener, Ontario
Diane Eigsti Gerber, Nashville, Tennessee
Grace Marie Gerber, Sellersville, Pennsylvania
John Eigsti Gerber, Nashville, Tennessee
Steve Gerber, Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Sue Gerber, Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania
Mary Ann Gertsen, Newton, Kansas
Glenn Gilbert, Goshen, Indiana
Mary Gilbert, Goshen, Indiana
Charlotte Gingerich, Goshen, Indiana
Jeff Gingerich, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robin Gingerich, Lawrence, Kansas
Wilma B. Gingerich, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Arthur Gingrich, London, Ontario
Jim Gingrich, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Joan Gingrich, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Marie Gingrich, London, Ontario
Mary Glick, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Arthur D. Goering, Newton, Kansas
Rosella Goering, Newton, Kansas
Jarrod Goentzel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ardie Goering, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Elaine L. Goering, Moundridge, Kansas
Oswald H. Goering, Moundridge, Kansas
Wyn Goering, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Kenneth K. Goertz, M.D., Overland Park, Kansas
LeRoy Goertz, Portland, Oregon
Linda Goertz, Portland, Oregon
Lauren Good, University Park, Maryland
Duane Goossen, Topeka, Kansas
Edna Goossen, North Newton, Kansas
Henry Goossen, North Newton, Kansas
Charles C. Graber, Newton, Kansas
Diana Fern Graber, Newton, Kansas
Jonathan Graber, Goshen, Indiana
Phoebe Wulliman Graber, Goshen, Indiana
Delia M. Graber, North Newton, Kansas
Galen Graber, Goshen, Indiana
Katherine J. Graber, Goshen, Indiana
Martha F. Graber, North Newton, Kansas
Sonia Graber, Goshen, Indiana
Danita Greaser, Norton, Ohio
Ted Grimsrud, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Irene Gross, Goshen, Indiana
Lowell A. Groves, Newton, Kansas
Esther Bohn Groves, North Newton, Kansas
Clarence Guenter, Canmore, Alberta
Marie J. Guenter, Canmore, Alberta
Jeff Gundy, Bluffton, Ohio
Marlyce Gundy, Bluffton, Ohio
Evelyn J. Habegger, North Newton, Kansas
Loris A. Habegger, North Newton, Kansas
Marden C. Habegger, M.D., Reedley, California
Marianna Habegger, Reedley, California
Robert L. Hansson, Boise, Idaho
Barry Hartzell, Souderton, Pennsylvania
Janet Hartzell, Souderton, Pennsylvania
Rose Wiebe Haury, Topeka, Kansas
Gloria Hegge, Wichita, Kansas
Beverly Ramos Heller, Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania
Nikki Heller, Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania
James L. Helmuth, Akron, Ohio
Robert C. Henrickson, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Shirley Y. Henrickson, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Jillian Hershberger, Silver Spring, Maryland
Rachel E. Hershberger, Goshen, Indiana
Jean Hershey, Lawrence, Kansas
Larry Hesed, Pawnee Rock, Kansas
Laurie Hesed, Pawnee Rock, Kansas
Joy Y. Hess, Goshen, Indiana
Magdalen Hess, Leola, Pennsylvania
Matthew D. Hickman, Paoli, Indiana
Jennifer Hiebert, University Park, Maryland
Shirley U. Hitt, LeCompton, Kansas
David Hockman-Wert, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Elise Hofer, Lawrence, Kansas
Roberta Senner Hofer, Lawrence, Kansas
Jayne Holsinger, New York City, New York
Allen Holsopple, Topeka, Kansas
Kelli Holsopple, Goshen, Indiana
MaDonna Holsopple, Topeka, Kansas
Mary Yoder Holsopple, Goshen, Indiana
Ray Elvin Horst, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Violet Horst, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Levina S. Huber, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
R. Dale Huber, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Nancy McCann Hostetter, Chicago, Illinois
Carole Hull, Newton, Kansas
Robert Hull, Newton, Kansas
Saffron Hunter, Springfield, Oregon
Corwyn M. Husband, South Bend, Indiana
Roslyn E. Husband, South, Bend Indiana
Marjorie Isaak, Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Melissa Shirk Jantz, Goshen, Indiana
Pearl M. Janzen, Reedley, California
Steven Johns, Goshen, Indiana
Linda Claassen Jones, Newton, Kansas
Jacob Jost, Columbus Ohio
Lora Jost, Lawrence, Kansas
Donna June, Newton, Kansas
Eric S. Kanagy, Goshen, Indiana
Laura S. Kanagy, Goshen, Indiana
Glenn M. Kauffman, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Linda Kauffman, Elkhart, Indiana
Mary Kauffman, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Sanford Kauffman, Elkhart, Indiana
David Kaufman, Elkhart, Indiana
Donald Kaufman, Newton, Kansas
Eleanor Kaufman, Newton, Kansas
Gordon D. Kaufman, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Karen Weldy Kaufman, Elkhart, Indiana
Krista Kaufman, Lenexa, Kansas
Robert Kaufman, Lenexa, Kansas
Cynthia Good Kaufmann, Goshen, Indiana
Eric Good Kaufmann, Goshen, Indiana
Gladys E. Keener, State College, Pennsylvania
Julie K. Keim, Goshen, Indiana
Gary Keister, Goshen, Indiana
Norma Keister, Goshen, Indiana
Kirsten Kelley, Goshen, Indiana
Micah Keller, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Clif Kenagy, Albany, Oregon
Christopher Kennel, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Calvin King, Lenexa, Kansas
Hal King, Eugene, Oregon
Lois King, Lenexa, Kansas
Olivia Sue Klassen, Eugene, Oregon
John Kliewer, Newton, Kansas
Judy Kliewer, Newton, Kansas
Clarence Kooker, Bluffton, Ohio
Jonathan Kooker, Goshen Indiana
Mary Ann Kooker, Bluffton, Ohio
Maribeth Sprunger Kraybill, Hyderabad, India
Ron Kraybill, Hyderabad, India
Tammy Krause, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Anne Kratz, Telford, Pennsylvania
Wilson Kratz, Telford, Pennsylvania
Stephanie Krehbiel, Lansing, Michigan
Aaron Kreider, Notre Dame, Indiana
Harold Kreider, Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Roberta Showalter Kreider, Sellersville, PA
Suzanne Kreps, New York City, New York
Jean Lambert, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Anne Lamman, Ft. Collins, Colorado
John Lamman, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Henry D. Landes, Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Jane C. Landes, Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Jessica Landes, Goshen, Indiana
Heidi Lantz-Trissel, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Jonathan Lantz-Trissel, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Cynthia Lapp, Mt. Rainier, Maryland
Helen Lapp, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Jerry Lapp, Goshen, Indiana
Debra M. Lefever, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Angie Lehman, Goshen, Indiana
Bradley Lehman, Dayton, Virginia
Dick Lehman, Elkhart, Indiana
Dierra Lehman, Elkhart, Indiana
Earl Lehman, Bluffton, Ohio
Edith Lehman, Bluffton, Ohio
Evelyn G. Lehman, Newton, Kansas
Karen E. Lehman, Goshen, Indiana
Mel Lehman, New York City, New York
Ralph S. Lehman, Newton, Kansas
Robert Lehman, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Ruby Lehman, Harrisonburg, Virginia

David Lichti, Listowel, Ontairo
Jason Lichti, Pasadena, California
Lorita D. Lichti, Pasadena, California
Mary Ann Lichti, Listowel, Ontario
Jennifer Christophel Lichti, Tucson, Arizona
Nathan Christophel Lichti, Tucson, Arizona
Nolan Lichti, Newton, Kansas
Mary Lichty, Hatfield Pennsylvania
Richard Lichty, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
Jeanne M. Liechty, Goshen, Indiana
Stan Liechty, Goshen, Indiana
Amanda Lind, Goshen, Indiana
Brenda Lind, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Carl Lind, Seattle, Washington
Lester Lind, Harman, West Virginia
Mary Beth Lind, Harman, West Virginia
Ralph Lind, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Steven Lind, Hutchinson, Kansas
Ruth Linscheid, North Newton, Kansas
Kim Lint, Elkhart, Indiana
Karissa Loewen, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Earl Loganbill, Newton, Kansas
Wilma Loganbill, Newton, Kansas
Paul M. Longacre, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Jo A. Longenecker, M.D., Lost Creek, West Virginia
Kenton Longenecker, Charlottesville, Virginia
Susan Lohrentz, Seattle, Washington
Matt Lowen, Clackamas, Oregon
Felicia Lowery, Tucson, Arizona
Jan Lugibihl, Forest Park, Illinois
Darvin Luginbuhl, Bluffton, Ohio
Evelyn Luginbuhl, Bluffton, Ohio
William Luginbuhl, Forest Park, Illinois
Shelly A. Mann, Charlottesville, Virginia
Gretchen H. Maust, Keezletown, Virginia
Andrea Martin, Sarasota, Florida
Clayton Martin, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Dwayne Martin, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Jay W. Martin, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Linda Martin, Montgomery, Illinois
Pat Martin, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Pat Hostetter Martin, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Ruth E. Martin, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Roger Martin, Lawrence, Kansas
Sherri Martin, South Bend, Indiana
Zelma Martin, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Barbara Mase, Bluffton, Ohio
Esther Mae McDonald, Newton, Kansas
Lynette McGowan, Masonville, Colorado
Lauren D. McKinney, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Dubose McLane, State College, Pennsylvania
Paulette McLane, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
Rogers D. McLane, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
Denise McOwen, Elkhart, Indiana
Dennis McOwen, Elkhart, Indiana
Mike McHugh, Goshen, Indiana
Marianne Mellinger, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tom Mersmann, St. Lawrence, Kansas
Barbra Graber Metzler, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Carl Metzler, Goshen, Indiana
Doris G. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana
Carl Meyer, Millersburg, Indiana
Edward C Meyers, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Linda K. Meyers, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Anna Lois Miller, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Becky Miller, Elkhart, Indiana
Bryce L. Miller, Goshen, Indiana
Elmer S. Miller, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Emily Miller, Millersburg, Ohio
Helen S. Miller, Eugene, Oregon
James A. Miller, Eugene, Oregon
Jean C. Miller, Akron, Pennsylvania
Joseph Miller, Southeastern, Pennsylvania
Larry E. Miller, Hyattsville, Maryland
Leabell S. Miller, Fairview, Michigan
Lloyd D. Miller, South Bend, Indiana
Louise Miller, Orrville, Ohio
Maynard Miller, Millersburg, Ohio
Marilyn Y. Miller, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Mary Jo Miller, South Bend, Indiana
Megan J. Miller, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Steve Miller, Elkhart Indiana
Thomas G. Miller, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Warren D. Miller, Eugene, Oregon
Wayne M. Miller, Fairview, Michigan
Rich Minder, Newton, Kansas
Robert S. Moyer, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Rose Althouse Moyer, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Susan M. Moyer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jill Basinger Mullet, Millersburg, Ohio
Steven L. Mullet, Millersburg, Ohio
Catherine R. Mumaw, Corvallis, Oregon
Nathan Musselman, Harrisonburg, Virginia
David A. Myers, Silverdale, Pennsylvania
Herbert E. Myers, Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania
Millie Myers, Goshen, Indiana
Sarah E. Myers, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
F. G. Nachtigal, North Newton, Kansas
Helen L. Nachtigal, North Newton, Kansas
John Nafziger, Goshen, Indiana
Lora Nafziger, Kitchener, Ontario
Tim Nafziger, Goshen, Indiana
Donna Neufeld, North Newton, Kansas
Harry Neufeld, North Newton, Kansas
Edward P. Neufeld, Olathe, Kansas
Greg Newswanger, Chicago, Illinois
Janet W. Newswanger, Goshen, Indiana
Larry W. Newswanger, Goshen, Indiana
Doug Nickel, Lawrence, Kansas
Sara Nissley, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Dean Niswander, Bluffton, Ohio
Joanne Niswander, Bluffton, Ohio
Joel Nofziger, Wauseon, Ohio
Jon Nofziger, Goshen, Indiana
Judy Nord, Hyattsville, Maryland
Mark Nord, Hyattsville, Maryland
Dorothy Yoder Nyce, Goshen, Indiana
Beth Oberholtzer, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
David Orr, Bedford, Ohio
Sharon Orr, Bedford, Ohio
Tonya Ortman, Seattle, Washington
Marianne Paetkau, Sherwood Park, Alberta
Paul Paetkau, Sherwood Park, Alberta
Sallie Page-Goertz, Overland Park, Kansas
Vicki Penner, Newton, Kansas
David Pfaltzgraff-Carlson, Goshen, Indiana
Rhonda E. Pfaltzgraff-Carlson, Goshen, Indiana
Linda M. Pfamatter, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Richard W. Pfamatter, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Leslie Pike, Tucson, Arizona
Barbara Preheim, Lawrence, Kansas
Doyle C. Preheim, Goshen, Indiana
Joseph G. Preheim, Lawrence, Kansas
Christine Purves, Bluffton, Ohio
John Purves, Bluffton, Ohio
Boots Raber, Newton, Kansas
Chester A. Raber, Lititz, Pennsylvania
Geraldine D. Raber, Lititz, Pennsylvania
Merrill Raber, Newton, Kansas
Wm. Todd Rainey, Bluffton, Ohio
Dorothy L. Ramos, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
Tony Ramos, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
Janet Reedy, Ypsilanti Michigan
Stan Reedy, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Arlie Regier, Overland Park, Kansas
Harold R. Regier, Newton, Kansas
Raymond Regier, North Newton, Kansas
Rosella Wiens Regier, Newton, Kansas
Kristin Reimer, Akron, Pennsylvania
Paul E. Reimer, Naperville, Illinois
Richard Reimer, Smithville, Ohio
Lois Reimer, Smithville, Ohio
Susan K. Reimer, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Jeff Rempel, Goshen, Indiana
Erica J. Reschly, Chicago, Illinois
Gloria Rhodes, Dayton, Virginia
Irene Rhodes, LaJunta, Colorado
Bill Rich, Topeka, Kansas
Kathy Rich, Topeka, Kansas
Emily C. Rodgers, Elkhart, Indiana
Jill A. Roth, Eugene, Oregon
Ken Roth, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Terri Roth, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Karen Miller Rush, Goshen, Indiana
Clarence H. Rutt, Jr., M.D., Landisville, Pennsylvania
Jacqueline Ann Sandkuhler-Kiel, Goshen, Indiana
Kerry Saner, North Newton, Kansas
Maurine Sawatzky, Goshen, Indiana
Reynold Sawatzky, Goshen, Indiana
Becky Roth Schenck, Eugene, Oregon
Lisa Schirch, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Earl Alvin Schmidt, Pawnee Rock, Kansas
Josephine J. Schmidt, North Newton, Kansas
Maxlyn Schmidt, Pawnee Rock, Kansas
Keith G. Schrag, Ames, Iowa
Laura N. Schrag, Harrisonburg, Virginia
David Schrock, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Sue Schrock, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Arlys Schwabauer, Newton, Kansas
Ja Schroeder, North Newton, Kansas
Deborah Scott, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
Earl Sears, Newton, Kansas
Miner Seymour, Moundridge, Kansas
Valetta Seymour, Moundridge, Kansas
Arden Shank, Goshen, Indiana
Meribeth C. Shank, Goshen, Indiana
Michael Shank, Seattle, Washington
Laura Shantz, St. Jacobs, Ontario
Milo Shantz, St. Jacobs, Ontario
Steven Shantz, Goshen, Indiana
Erin E. Sharp, Goshen, Indiana
John Shearer, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Val Shearer, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Karl Shelly, Goshen, Indiana
Maynard Shelly, North Newton, Kansas
John B. Shenk, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Steve Shenk, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Geneva Shetler, Bluffton, Ohio
Luther Shetler, Bluffton, Ohio
Beth A. Sholly, Chicago, Illinois
Rebekah Short, Goshen, Indiana
Angela Showalter, New York City, New York
Genevieve B. Showalter, LaJunta, Colorado
Kenton Showalter, Sarasota, Florida
Miriam Showalter, Sarasota, Florida
Nancy Good Sider, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Florence I. Siebert, Reedley, California
Joleen M. Siebert, Reedley, California
Merle M. Siebert, Reedley, California
Carole Skinner, Boise, Idaho
Richard Skinner, Boise, Idaho
Abigail A. Smith, Gibson City, Illinois
Nancy Smith, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Kent D. Smith, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Lori Waas Smith, Pinckney, Michigan
Tim Smith, Pinckney, Michigan
Leonard Smucker, Bluffton, Ohio
Lo Smucker, Bluffton, Ohio
Clara Snyder, Waterloo, Ontario
Martha Snyder, Kitchener, Ontario
Paul Snyder, Kitchener, Ontario
Roy G. Snyder, Waterloo, Ontario
Betty D. Sommer, Bluffton, Ohio
Shirley B. Souder, Elkhart, Indiana
Betty Springer, Goshen, Indiana
Nelson Springer, Goshen, Indiana
Mary S. Sprunger, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Max T. Sprunger, Elkhart Indiana
Virginia M Sprunger, Elkhart Indiana
Muriel T. Stackley, Pawnee Rock, Kansas
Cynthia J. Stadel, Portland, Oregon
H. Robert Stadel, Portland, Oregon
Kathryn Steckly, Goshen, Indiana
Nancy Steelberg, McLean, Virginia
Nelson Steelberg, McLean, Virginia
Vera L. Steiner, Goshen, Indiana
Sarah Steininger, Goshen, Indiana
Ryan Stiffney, Goshen, Indiana
Rhoda Stoesz, Goshen, Indiana
Carrie Stoltzfus, Parksburg, Pennsylvania
Gene Stoltzfus, Chicago, Illinois
Ky B. Stoltzfus, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phil Stoltzfus, Newton, Kansas
Janet H. Stoner, Akron, Pennsylvania
Erin Stoy, Goshen, Indiana
Marcia Stutzman, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Brent Styan, Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Norma S. Sutton, Chicago, Illinois
Jennifer Swan, Brentwood, Maryland
David Swartz, Newton, Massachusetts
Elaine Swartzentruber, Atlanta, Georgia
John Swartzentruber, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Connie Swift, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Mary Tellier, London, Ontario
Annaken Toews, North Newton, Kansas
Jerry Toews, Goessel, Kansas
Katrina Toews, Riverdale, Maryland
Leann Toews, Goessel, Kansas
Rebecca Waltner Toews, Goshen, Indiana
Jeni Hiett Umble, Elkhart, Indiana
Carolyn Urich, Bluffton, Ohio
Joseph Urich, Bluffton, Ohio
Carolyn Voth, Topeka, Kansas
Donna Voth, Topeka, Kansas
Stanley E. Voth, Topeka, Kansas
Timothy L. Voth, Topeka Kansas
Judy Warkentin, Reedley, California
Steven L. Warkentin, Chicago Illinois
Vern Warkentin, Reedley, California
Marvin H. Wasser, North Newton, Kansas
Brian Weaver, Goshen, Indiana
Judy Weaver, Salem, Oregon
Michael Weaver, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Curtis Weaverdyck, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Shelly Weaverdyck, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Valerie Weaver-Zercher, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Arnold M. Wedel, North Newton, Kansas
Dolores E. Wedel, North Newton, Kansas
Mary Wells, Cincinnati, Ohio
Russell Welty, Stockbridge, Georgia
Lonny Wenger, Mt. Sidney, Virginia
J. Konrad Wert, Lehigh Acres, Florida
Clare Wideman, Thamesford, Ontario
Joan Wiebe, London, Ontario
John Wiebe, London, Ontario
Stephen H. Wilcox, Hyattsville, Maryland
Darrell Wiens, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Carolyn J. Wilson, Edmonton, Alberta
Mark V. H. Wilson, Edmonton, Alberta
Juji Woodring, Chicago, Illinois
Tim Wyse, Atlanta, Georgia
Adam S. Yoder, Seattle, Washington
Cynthia D. Yoder, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Darrell E. Yoder, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Jessica A. Yoder, Goshen, Indiana
Katrina Yoder, New York City, New York
Michael Yoder, New York City, New York
Sylvia Yoder, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Dolores Yoder, Hesston, Kansas
James D. Yoder, Hesston, Kansas
Joshua P. Yoder, Chicago, Illinois
Lonabelle Yoder, Hesston, Kansas
Vernon Eli Yoder, Hesston, Kansas
Carl R. Yusavitz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sarah Zimmerman, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Anna Zook, Boise, Idaho
Dorcas Alwine Zook, Elkhart, Indiana
Harold Zook, Elkhart, Indiana
Thomas E. Zook, Winston-Salem, North Carolina