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Ted Grimsrud is associate professor of theology and peace studies at Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Grimsrud began his Christian pilgrimage at age 17, and five years later became a pacifist. As a result of these two conversions, he says, he came to believe that any issue of contention among Christians should first be approached in terms of whether all people concerned are being treated with respect and compassion. “In my personal experience with gay and lesbian friends and acquaintances, and in my role as a Mennonite pastor, I have become convinced that the church has not always done very well in keeping such respect and compassion at the center of its deliberations of issues of sexuality.” Grimsrud is married to Kathleen Temple, and they have one son.

Anne Breckbill and her partner Jane Ramseyer Miller live in St. Paul, MN. She attended Rockway Mennonite School (Kitchener, Ontario) and graduated from Goshen College (Goshen, Indiana) with a major in English Education. She taught high school English at Iowa Mennonite School (Kalona, IA) and Bethany Christian High School (Goshen, IN). During the 1990’s she worked at a non-profit women’s center where she developed an outpatient chemical dependency treatment program and served as Associate Executive Director. She currently works with credit unions as they implement internet applications. She has served on the BMC Board for over six years.

Anne deeply cherishes her biological and church families as well as her friendship with 10-year-old Charlotte and 20-year-old Dan - young people to whom she has been a mentor over the past thirteen years. She and Jane are long-time members of the St. Paul Mennonite Fellowship where they, along with all other members of the community, serve on the pastoral team. In addition to writing and speaking, Anne enjoys phone calls with her parents, coffee with friends, satire, cooking, watching Minnesota Gopher women’s basketball games with Charlotte and, above all else, reasons to laugh

In 2003 Anneli Braul joined the BMC Canada board for a three year term, also representing a Canadian perspective on the BMC Justice and Community Committee.

She is a member of, and co-pastor at, Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church, one of three publicly affirming Mennonite congregations in Canada. In October 2003, she graduated with a Master of Theology degree from St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton, AB. Her thesis is titled: “Making Room. The Praxis of Hospitality and Journey to Inclusion: An Inclusive Model of the Church for North American Anabaptist-Mennonites”.

Anneli lives with her husband, Lawrence and daughter Rachel in Calgary, Alberta close enough to the foothills and Rocky Mountains to enjoy world class hiking, camping, and skiing destinations! Their oldest two children, Elisabeth and Loren are currently working and studying in Winnipeg.

Anneli loves to travel and is drawn to landscapes of all kinds, geography and beauty, and has a passion for photography.

Carl S. Keener is Professor Emeritus of Biology at The Pennsylvania State University. Educated at Eastern Mennonite College (now University), University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and North Carolina State University, his teaching and research have been primarily in systematic botany. Married to Gladys Swartz Keener, he has three children and four grandchildren, and is a member and past chair of University Mennonite Church, State College, Pa.

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