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Alexandria, Marilyn Bennet, and James Preston. We were Baptized Too; Claiming God’s Grace for Lesbians and Gays. Forward by Desmond M. Tutu. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1996.

Congregations pledge to accept, love, forgive, and nurture the newly baptized member. This book challenges the church to take it’s pledge seriously and not selectively. Too often the church forces gay/lesbian members into silence, alienation, and doubt.

Bess, Reverend Howard H. Pastor I Am Gay, Palmer, Alaska: Palmer Publishing Company, 1995.

The writer makes a plea that ministers and church members become acquainted with gay men and lesbians and accept the challenge of reconciliation.

Gaede, Beth Ann, Editor. Congregations Talking about Homosexuality, Alban Institute, 1998.

The methods for constructive congregational dialogue on gay issues outlined here so succinctly by experienced practictioners, are the most effective I have seen. Paul J. Beeman, Methodist minister.

Hershberger, Anne Krabill, Editor. Sexuality, God’s Gift. Scottdale, Penn.: Herald Press,1999.

Using the metaphor of sexuality as a good gift from God, the six writers in this book offer Christian resources for living a sexually healthy and fufilling life, regardless of one’s circumstances.

McNeill, John J. The Church and the Homosexual, (Fourth Edition), Boston: Beacon Press, 1993.

The writer uses the Church’s own moral teaching to refute its immoral views of homosexuality, which are so apparent in the story of his own persecution by the Church.

Human Sexuality in the Church Life, A Working Document for Study and Dialogue, Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church, Newton, Kans.: Faith and Life Press; Scottdale, Penn.: Herald Press,1985.

A useful study on the broader themes of human sexuality.

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