Questions for Discussion/Reflection

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The following questions are intended to stimulate your reflection on the topics raised by the writers. We hope that families, small groups, and Sunday school classes will find them helpful. Addresses are included so that you may send questions and comments to the writers. However, we believe that the greatest benefit will come from discussion among small groups, including with people whose viewpoints complement and differ from yours.

  1. With which of the Listening Committee’s recommendations do you agree? Explain. If the recommendations had been pursued during the past decade, how might Mennonite churches be more helpful and understanding of all members today?
  2. Lin sets out to do two things: 1) show where the Mennonite church is now on the “homosexual” issue, and 2) how it arrived there. He frames Mennonite endeavor within the broader world scene, including among other denominations. (If you are aware of other parts of the story that this series might relate, please inform Lin or the series editor.) What resources do you need in order to process the broader discussion? How does our Mennonite view of accountable community shape our stance toward inclusion? For example, how might you give account for those Christians who were once Mennonite but left because condemned by the church?
  3. If you agree that one should not judge another before hearing the other’s story, how would you provide safe space for sexual minorities and their supporters (parents, friends, SS teachers, and church institution personnel) to tell their stories? Discuss how attempts to deny voice to supportive people enables the more slanderous response of depriving Christian sexual minorities of personal worth.

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